US Citizen Or Not?

Find out whether you are a US citizen by going through our online questionnaire.

1. Introduction: Our advanced online questionnaire helps foreign-born individuals determine whether they have a claim to US citizenship. To use this service, all you need to do is click on the next button and answer all questions asked. This system can help you determine whether an individual has a claim to US citizenship at birth through his/her US parent(s) and whether US citizenship was derived after birth.

a. Citizenship Acquisition through parents at birth: Many immigrants that become U.S. citizens may return to their homeland in a process that is known as reverse immigration. In terms of citizenship, the fate of their children or grandchildren is often unclear. In light of the abundance of educational and economic opportunities that exist in the US, these individuals now have a tremendous incentive to determine whether they are in fact U.S. citizens. This application is designed to assist individuals that are born outside of the United States in determining whether or not they have acquired U.S. Citizenship through their parents.

b. Citizenship Derivation through Parents: Foreign-born individuals may have also legally obtained U.S. Citizenship after birth by act of law when they have permanent resident status while in the legal of physical custody of a US citizen parent. Additional requirements may apply depending on the specifics of an individual's circumstances.

2. How It Works: You will be asked a series of questions necessary to determine the citizenship status of an individual. We recommend that you be prepared with all the necessary information on the individual and the individual’s parents whom you are inquiring about.  

Please note that this system will give you tailored information, but it will not give you legal advice. We suggest that you review the report from this session with a qualified attorney before making any decisions that may affect your legal rights.